Fence Quote

This is a video of an automated quoting system for a fencing contractor that I created.

He inputs the quote details while at the site, it creates the quote, allows him to vet it, and he sends it, all done via his phone.
Client has received the quote before he even leaves the site.
Never has to think about the quote again.
He said it is saving him about 5 hours a week, writing up quotes, but also saving him in that he never forgets about a quote, and never loses a client because it took too long to quote.

He also says that it is attracting more clients because they know they can get the details and total cost of the quote within minutes of him seeing a site.

All up, he thinks it is making him about $25,000 a year.

And believe me when I say, he didn't even know he needed (or could use) an automated quoting system until I sat with him and chatted about his business. Now he LOVES it.

It uses all Google Services hence zero dollars for maintenance, and because it is cloud based, it can be accessed from anywhere.

This system can be used for any type of quoting, not just fencing.

If it's something you think could benefit you, please give me a call. 0414 490 869